Points of interest along the route

Nº 1 - Historical introduction Historical background of Minorca at the beginning of the 19th Century.

Nº 2 - Defensive fronts Maritime defensive fronts near the harbour mouth.

Nº 3 - Underground gallery Underground areas for stores, powder magazines and refuge shelters for troops.

Nº 4 - The Queen’s gate Main Entrance to the fort.

Nº 5 - Hornworks Main body of the fortress where the three defensive fronts merge: the maritime defence of the north coast and Mahon harbour mouth and the defensive front against the only possible direction of territorial attack .

Nº 6 - Hornworks redoubt A Circular building providing a second line of defence to the Hornworks, in case of enemy attack.

Nº 7 - Caponier in the Hornworks The most advanced point to the forefront of the Hornworks defence and fortification.

Nº 8 - Main reservoir For recollection and storage o rainwater.

Nº 9 - Recess Five Defensive structure in the shape of pincers with three vertical levels of defence.

Nº 10 - Recess Five Moat Direct access to the fortress moat to see the scarp and counterscarp walls of the fortress.

Nº 11 - Loopholed Gallery Considered the “Jewel in the Crown” in the fortress, more than 390m. long, this defensive front for fusiliers offers an interesting optical effect for visitors.

Nº 12 - The Princess Tower Constructed by the English during their third dominion, it was incorporated into the fortified area built at a later date.

Nº 13 - The Queen’s Water cistern Excavated from the rock and with direct access from the outsider, legend has it that the Queen bathed there during her visit in 1860

Nº 14 - Military Prison Formerly an administrative building which, in post Spanish Civil War, was converted into a military prison.

Nº 15 - Geological Aspects of La Mola The fortress is set in an interesting area of great natural and geological value.

Nº 16 - 15” Battery Vickers Unique artillery pieces of huge calibre which can be visited in order to see each of the components in their original state.


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